Facilitators and barriers to community-led monitoring of health programs: Qualitative evidence from the global implementation landscape

Alana R. Sharp, Ngqabutho Mpofu, Elise Lankiewicz, Beatrice Ajonye, Ndivhuwo P. Rambau, Stefanie Dringus, Brian Honermann, Ngozi Erondu, Asia Russell, Kenneth Mwehonge, Cláudia Aguiar, Naïké Ledan, Matthew M. Kavanagh

This study aimed to identify early challenges and lessons learned from CLM implementation, with the aim of informing and improving the implementation of CLM programs and ultimately achieving greater impact on the delivery of services. Twenty-five CLM implementors representing 21 countries participated in an interview. With the rapid expansion of CLM, this study serves as an important first step in characterizing challenges and successes in the CLM landscape. Successful implementation of CLM requires prioritizing community ownership and leadership, donor commitment to sustainable and reliable funding, and strengthened support of programs across the data collection and advocacy lifecycle.