The Community-Led Accountability Working Group

is a global consortium supporting the establishment and implementation of community-led monitoring programs.

Communities demand accessible, quality health care services. We use community-led monitoring as a tool to achieve that goal. We work alongside communities, using systematic community-led data collection and evidence-based advocacy to improve health equity and the accountability of our health systems to the communities who use them.

Best Practices for Community-Led Monitoring Report

This resource documents best practices for the implementation of community-led monitoring (CLM) based on surveys and interviews with CLM implementers around the world.

Empowering AGYW in Lesotho to Overcome Health Barriers

Catching Up With CLAW

Members of the Community-Led Accountability Working Group (CLAW) support civil society efforts across the global South to build high-impact community-led monitoring programs.

Community Engagement With the Global Fund

The Global Fund Board has approved $14 million for the Community Engagement Strategic Initiative for CG7 (Grant Cycle 7, 2024-2026). Funds will support peer-to-peer technical assistance on gender, human rights, equity, key populations, community systems and responses and other related areas. CLAW is a technical support provider as part of this initiative. Learn more in this brief presentation.


Continuous and long-term

we work with communities throughout the CLM cycle, drawing from our experience , collaborating successfully with communities from around the world with an emphasis on South-South, peer-led strategies.

Designed for impact

CLM programs use community data to secure measurable health systems improvements, and increase the power of communities to demand accountability.


CLM is a cutting-edge social accountability tool. We practice real-time learning, research, and evaluation to constantly improve our strategies.

Committed to advocacy

holding duty bearers to account for problems faced by communities is at the heart of effective CLM. We need CLM, at scale, to expose and resolve weaknesses that undermine our pursuit of health justice.